Friday, December 19, 2014

Year in Review

At the beginning of the year I had really only two goals: knit more for me and more frickin' color (last year it was about Matt and neutrals)

While my FO list is fairly short, let's say that it was definitely a quality over quantity year.

First thing I finished this year was Amanda. Let's just say that this cardigan has gotten a lot of wear this year. Granted, it had been on the needles for sometime, but it was worth the work. This has definitely become my "go to" cardigan. Warm, cozy, yet it's not heavy. Plus who doesn't love that color???

Next up? one of two sweaters I finished for Matt this year. I made Matt Brownstone for Christmas and he loved it so much (and it's such an easy knit) that I decided to knit him an other one, which we named Rowhouse. Ya, this also is getting a lot of wear. Part of the reason is the yarn. Matt sure does love the Queensland Kathmandu (and if anyone is trying to unload sweater amounts, let me know). There's no doubt he'll probably get a third Brownstone (I think in a more cotton-y yarn?)

I don't have a modeled photo of the next finished project, and probably the only real disappointment of the year. I knit this Cabled Cropped Cardi in white Cotton Ease, and it's too heavy for what I wanted. The white and cropped fit make it a summer-esque sweater, but the yarn and the cables make it too warm to be that little over dress cardigan that I had hoped for. I have worn it, but it's very likely that it'll get frogged.

A rare self modeled project? A simple crochet cardigan I named Letitia Crowley. This is a super warm bulky cardigan. I love the pattern stitch and I love the yarn... but it is WARM and bulky (and bulky sweaters and bulky girls are not the best fit). However, I've worn it around the house when it started getting chilly and it does keep me toasty! This is a pattern I would crochet again... in a lighter weight yarn.

This is the second sweater I knit for Matt this year. I named it The Really Big Swatch. This top down raglan was a great knit. This is about as custom fit as they come. (and as a side note: I am a huge fan of broken rib).

I did a lot of tweaking to the pattern for Twyla to get it to fit me... and it was so worth it. Granted, the intent was for a fast easy around the house cardigan and I ended up with a fairly dressy "let's go out" jacket. I've worn it out to dinner several times and love the way it looks on me (and I don't say that about too many projects).

Ah, the Can't Clean Toilets in Cashmere Cardigan. Love the colors on this one. Only complain is that the 2x2 ribbed sleeves aren't as roomy as I would like for a casual cardigan. The yarn is soft and easy care, so it's a keeper.

Last, but far from least is my Bray. Love. Love. Love. I've worn this practically every day since I finished it. I made it a size too large, but I don't care. The ever wonderful Kathmandu yarn is the best yarn. Ever. It's warm, soft and lightweight. A great combo. Yes, I will make this pattern again. and maybe again.

So all in all, a successful year. Three of these projects are in VERY high rotation. That's a good thing. I have a few projects that I'm finishing up (I didn't include the handful of small projects that always seem to crop up: like hats and scarves etc) and I'm not sure what my 2015 goals are going to be. I didn't get a sweater done for Matt for Christmas this year... so that might be the first goal of next year.

Have a safe and happy holiday this season and cheers to the new year!

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