Friday, January 09, 2015

Holiday Roundup

This is the first year in a long time that Matt did not get a new sweater for Christmas. While I have a few sweaters close that I could've finished up, my attention span just wasn't on board.

So he got a few smaller projects this year.

A simple watch hat in some of hand dyed gradient yarn that Julie and I dyed a little while ago. I used a greyish natural color as the yarn base and Wilton's True Blue (maybe? I don't remember exactly which blue I used). I love the way it turned out. Matt loves the hat. It's a win/win!

Since I had more yarn left over than expected, I decided to make a simple 1X1 cowl. Also a big winner! The man does like to keep his neck warm!

To top it all off, I was going to make him a simple pair of fingerless mitts, but after some discussion, we decided he would get more wear out of pair of pop over mitts:

I used some left over Blackstone Tweed (used in one of his favorite sweaters: The Cambridge Jacket). I knew he would love how soft and warm this yarn is. He did ask that the thumbs be long, but left open (so he can use his phone). Even easier!

So, while he doesn't have a new sweater, he has lots of toasty woolen products to keep himself warm. Plus I cast on Irish Moss for him. I've 11.5 months to get it done!

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