Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Sampler Block Cardigan is done... sort of. Seems I made the sleeves a smidge too long (and here I was trying to conserve yarn!). I'm hoping that I have enough after shortening that I can re-do the button bands in the original yarn.

While the different dye lot doesn't look terrible, it would be nice for it to be all in one dye lot... if I can do it. For now, we're calling it a FO, so let's do some Project Stats!!

Pattern: Sampler Block Cardigan by Ewe & I Originals (according to Ravelry, they've closed up shop, so no link)

Yarn: Black Water Abbey worsted in silver

Problems with the pattern: I don't remember any errors. I will say that they list it as a beginner pattern, and I'm not sure I would say that. Keeping track of the pattern stitches while shaping (which IS minimal) might be a challenge for a brand new knitter.

Changes to the pattern: Only thing I think I changed was the insert sleeve. The pattern has you pick up stitches all the way around the insert sleeve. I only picked up the top, then seamed up the little bit for the insert.

Overall impressions: LOVE IT! for many reasons. First, it was a blast to knit. My style of knitting. The stitches changed up enough that I didn't get bored. Second, I love how it fits (too long sleeves not withstanding). Third, the color and yarn are exactly what I wanted. I have a tendency of hoarding my Black Water Abbey yarn... I have a fairly good stash of it, yet this in only the second time I've used it (not counting the two fair isle tote kits I knit). It's not like I can't get more, but there is definitely a "too special" to use mentality that I'm trying to get past.

This cardigan is going to get a lot of wear this winter. I absolutely would knit this again (in a smooth, easy care yarn... hmmm... Cotton Ease??)

Now I've got to focus on Matt's Polar Bear Chullo... one ear flap to go (and I got one whole row done yesterday on it!)

Edit: Thanks to Robin in my comments, it seems like the pattern designers' shop is still opened. Pattern can be ordered from their site: Ewe & I Originals!

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  1. I loved your sweater and bought the pattern directly at Thanks for sharing


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