Thursday, October 01, 2009

Rendezvous or Bust

Patrick the 2nd is still drying (probably won't be ready to seam til tomorrow). So I'm spending some time on the beautiful Rendezvous Jacket:

Yummy! Notice that I already have the garter detail done. I'm right where I should start the armhole shaping.

Then I realized... those garter stitch bands aren't going to hit me in a great spot.

I am busty. This has the side effect that my boobs are lower than average (as they take up more acreage.. in fact they are also a little higher than average). Those pretty little garter ridges are going to hit me here:

(using the Bee Balm, as it's a good angle on said acreage).

So the question? Is that bad? It's only on the sides (it's not like the line will go straight over by bust). I "could" add bust darts, but I'm not sure that will really help that line? I'm also considering just making the body longer so that line hits lower (that's what I did for my Hey Teach... but that line does go all the way across).

hmmm... maybe I should just knit for Matt.


  1. Hmm. It might look like a dart, right there, and be just fine! I had this problem that one time on that one sweater I made, and I put the line below the acreage. But I hadn't gotten as far as you have when I made that decision. Hmmm.

  2. Do you even need the garter stitches at all? Are they part of a bigger design? Would the sweater not work if you just kept going in stockinette? I'm not familiar with this pattern.

  3. I have the same problem. Since the garter ridge doesn't go all the way across the front, it's not so obvious. If you like long sweaters, that would be the way to go though!


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