Friday, October 02, 2009

Patrick the 2nd

I have to say... I'm disappointed. Granted, as Matt has been wearing it, it does look a bit better (I might need to do an other blocking... once he fixes my broken wooley board).

Part of me just might be bitter with the annoying pattern. I also think I need to realize that dropped shoulder styling might not be the best suited for Matt's body. I should've been a little less lazy and done a fitted sleeve.

Anyhoo... it's done. He's happy... and even wearing it (advantage of him working from home most days of the week! Photo sessions mid day!)

Let's do the obligatory project stats.

Pattern: Patrick by Black Purl (no link... as you do not want to use this pattern)

Yarn: Cascade 220 in color 9459 (which is so completely stunning... words can not describe it)

Problems with the pattern: the patten is horrible. Apart from cast on numbers/set up rows, I had to do my own thing. Even with removing 14 stitches from the sleeve, I still ended up with 20" sleeves. The increases given for the sleeves are soooo wrong (did I mention that it has you increase 2 stitches every right side row 13 times?)

Changes to the pattern: well... not surprisingly, I didn't do the insert sleeve (not that the original had a huge one... like 1") I did my own sleeve shaping. I accidently didn't start the front on row 19 (again... I did that on the first one). While I like where it ends at the front neck, the problem is actually on the sides, as the two cabled sections line up next to each other. No biggie, and I would rather the neck end at an attractive spot than worry about the sides.

Overall impressions: I'm disappointed. I know, it doesn't look that bad and he's happy... but I was expecting more... especially with the tweaking that I did. I love the cabled pattern. I love the color. I just don't love how it fits him. I'll also be the first to admit that the pattern annoyed me enough that I might just simply be bitter about the project right now. Given some time, it might grow on me.

However, no matter how ya slice it: It's done. He's happy. I'm moving on.


  1. I think it looks fantastic on him. Even with all the mistakes in the pattern, you did a heck of a job.

  2. For what it's worth, I think it looks amazing!!!


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