Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Mondo Cable Cardi

I'm calling this done! Both sleeves have been shortened (photo shows only one sleeve done). While those sleeve sections will need to be re-blocked, everything else is done. I'll get a modeled photo on me after the sleeve blocking (I'm going to just try a steam to see if the re-knit yarn blocks out. If not... back into the bath it goes).

Let's do project stats so we can move on:

Pattern: Mondo Cabled Cardi by chicknits

Yarn: Moda Dea Silk n Wool in aquatic

Problems with the pattern: not that I remember. I find Bonne Marie patterns to be very reliable. Her patterns do have super long sleeves (I automatically shorten sleeves 4" on her patterns).

Changes to the pattern: well, I did shorten the sleeves 4" (but some yarn issues had me still have too long sleeves). I added buttonholes rather than do snaps. After completetion, I realized that my yarn wasn't going to handle the high neck, so I plan on wearing the collar laying down. I also changed the bottom ribbing and the sleeve ribbing to 2X2 (again, this was due to a yarn issue... this yarn is so soft, it wanted to curl up with the ribbing given in the pattern). While I prefer the look of the pattern's ribbing, this ribbing was more practical for the yarn.

Overall impressions: there are a lot of things I love about this cardi. I was concerned about the A line shaping on it... but in fact there's really not a huge increase. I used the wool and silk yarn to help with the drape, and it drapes beautifully. The yarn is so soft in fact, that the collar doesn't stand up. If I were to do it again in this yarn, I would make the collar less high. Actually I think no matter what yarn I would use, I would shorten the collar (FYI: I'm short). The sleeves grew considerably in blocking (and this is not the first time I've used this yarn, but it's the first time that has happened... maybe it's the st. st?). So overall, I'm very very pleased. This is exactly what I wanted: a stylish, comfortable, easy to throw on sweater. It's not the warmest, but a great layering piece that will get a lot of wear this winter. Oh ya, I'll be making more of this pattern (two weeks to knit is a super bonus!)

Stay tuned for more finished project photos!

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  1. Anonymous12:03 PM

    WoooHooo! Very pretty. I wish I could knit like you.

    Judi M.


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