Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Lateralis is finished. Let's do a quick review of the project, then I'll do actual project stats.

The cardigan was inspired by the Elann Summer Sampler Packs (one pack in greens and one pack in neutruals). I wanted something similar to the Sitcom Chic/Eyelet Cardigan, but as I was doing the math, I didn't get quite the fit I had hoped for. I used the Random Stripe Generator to create the striping, basing my numbers sequence on the Fibonacci sequence. I think it's a bit of a mixed result, but we'll see how much I wear it over the summer before I jump to conclusions that it doesn't fit me well.

Project Stats:

Pattern: none, simple top down raglan using my own math

Yarn: Summer Sampler Packs from Elann (the greens and the neutrals).

Problems with the pattern: uh, I suck at math. The other problem is that I wanted a slim fitting summer cardigan. I simply can't do that with a stripe pattern. I couldn't short row bust darts, so I feel like I don't have a flattering fit. The neck ended up being bigger than I wanted (but I sort of gathered it in when I did the neckband).

Overall impressions: Right now I feel it looks frumpy on me (again, to compensate for my "I" cups, I had to make it bigger than I wanted, and even adding the waist shaping didn't help much. The scoop neck isn't as flattering on me as I had hoped (that might change with the right tee shirt under it). I love the colors and the striping. I loved working with the yarns and quite frankly, it was delightful to knit (if you forget about all those ends to weave in). We'll see how I feel as I wear it over the summer. Might just be my mood this morning (that's happened before).

So I'm holding off my final opinion. I love these sampler packs from Elann, and I do think this was a great project for the yarns. I would easily do this project again, with some tweaking. I would limit Random Stripe generator to only up to 8 rows (the 13 seem dominate to me in the sweater) and I would seperate the yarns into just lights/darks of each color. I have A LOT of yarn left over, but I didn't get to balance my usage as much as I would've liked.

So it was fun to knit and plan... we'll just have to see if it's fun to wear!


  1. Anonymous2:07 PM

    I like the larger stripes. They give your eyes a place to rest when looking at allover stripes. Lovely sweater.

  2. Could you have "hidden" the needed short rows within the wider stripes? It's an attractive sweater.


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