Monday, April 06, 2009

Rockin' the 'tober

This is what my skein of STR lightweight in Roctober looked like Saturday at 4:00 pm:

This is what it looked like at 11:00 am on Monday:

This is what it looks like right now (12:30 pm Monday):

Wow, I think I found my instant gratification project! All just because I wanted to try out my new blocking wires from Knitpicks (and LOVE THEM!)

Project Stats:

Pattern: Forest Canapy Shawl by Susan Lawrence

Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Socks that Rock Lightweight (colorway: Rocktober)

Changes/Problems with the pattern: none. Super Fabulous Pattern!

Overall Impressions: WOW! This pattern is fabulous. The lace pattern is easily memorized (about half of this shawl was knit while enjoying some mediocre Pinot Grigio... which says a lot about the ease of the lace pattern). The directions are written and charted (which I love for lace). A good use for sock yarn for a non sock knitter (especially for the high pooling colors). I will most definitely knit this again... bigger. I was limited on size with how much yarn I had. So it's more of a scarf than a shawl, but it's going to be perfect in the fall.

Okay, I guess I should finish up Lateralis (took a break from weaving in ends over the weekend). Might be back on schedule soon!

Edited to add some new photos:

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