Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Huge Mistake...

Ya, so I have this goal to finish 24 projects in 2009. I'm on schedule... for now. I even finished a project yesterday. However, I've thrown a monkey wrench into this plan.

I bought and started Fallout 3. I don't normally play RPG's, as they are usually huge time sucks. Fallout 3, even by RPG standards is huge (oh, and they've since released two new "add ons"... to add extra time suckage!).

To say that I'm sucked into this game is an understatement. Meaning, that my knitting time is much more limited! So I'm tackling things that I just want to finish up.

After the ease of the Forest Canapy Shawl, I decided I should just finish up my Flower Basket Shawl. So I did:

I'm fairly happy with it. It's much smaller than I had hoped (I actually had to rip back the final repeat as I ran out of yarn for the border... and still had to sort of fudge the bind off. Used every bit of yarn I had).

Some project stats:

Pattern: Flower Basket Shawl

Yarn: Natually Sensation

Problems with the pattern: Fiber Trends lace patterns never disappoint. I like how they're written (both written and charted). Multiple gauges/sizes.

Overall Impressions: Not bad. Smaller than I wanted (needed at least one more skein of yarn). The yarn is quite yummy, and since it's heavy yarn, it was actually a fairly quick knit). Nice to just toss over my shoulders on chilly mornings. Or styling over my winter coat. Love the look of the pattern and would definitely make this again (and most likely will).

The only drawback of shawls is that I don't wear them well. I've found that I enjoy knitting them, but I rarely wear them. I'm hoping this slightly heavier shawl will get some practical use. We'll see!

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  1. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Go buy a shawl pin if you don't have one! It keeps the shawl in place. I was like you. I never wore mine because I was fiddling with it all the time. The shawl pin makes all the difference. I wear mine over my jean jacket the most, but they work with a blouse or a turtleneck. I usually wear mine off center. I don't need that point aimed at my worst feature!


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