Friday, June 06, 2008

Who are you and what did you do with Cindy?

So I finished an other project yesterday. Ya, Matt's already checked the basement for pods...

Anyway, let's just say that my attention span has improved a bit (heehee).

Sadly, two fab new finished projects, and totally crappy weather. Matt's Sampler Cardigan is still pretty damp (and I'm drying in on the wooley board, as I find things dry faster on it... better air circulation). Plus there's no sunlight, thanks to this damp/overcast weather.

Anyway, wanna see what I finished yesterday????

Sambuca Jacket in Merino Style DK
click to enlarge

Not a great photo, but as I said, lighting is a bit challenging this morning. Plus this is one of the few projects that I think looks better on me than on my dressform. My only complain is that the sleeves are snug (big surprise). I'm not a great crocheter (and which is why this stalled in the first place. Sometimes crochet directions just don't stick in my head. I'm a visual person and didn't get the sleeve rounds. Once I got it, it took me a day to finish up). If I were a more advanced crocheter, I would've added an extra shell to the sleeves.

Anyway, let's do project stats, as I'm pretty pleased overall.

Project Stats:

Pattern: Sambuca Jacket by Doris Chan (from Amazing Crochet Lace)
Yarn: Merino Style DK by Knitpicks in Storm (great color).
Changes to the pattern: I added a couple of extra repeats to the bottom so it hits mid hip rather than at the waist and I changed the closure from a clasp to 3 small buttons.
Problems with the pattern: I have no idea. I don't know enough about crochet to judge.. but saying that, I ended up with a finished project, so they must've been good enough!
Overall Impressions: I'm thrilled with how it turned out. The color is unusual and very pretty. The buttons look great on it. The fit is close enough (as long as I don't try to wear sleeves, they fit fine). The yarn crocheted beautifully and I love the way it looks after it blocked. Definitely a thumbs up.

Sambuca Jacket Detail
click to enlarge

So that's one more out of the WIP/UFO closet. I'll try to get a better photo of it (maybe even modeled... again, not as flattering on my dressform) when there's some better light.


  1. oh I love it! It will look great on you...

  2. Hey, that looks great and I love it! Is it safe to assume the color is not accurate??? :-P

    **Added- Do I even HAVE a blogger user name anymore?

  3. Beautiful!! Good job. Are there another things in that book that interest you? (you have good taste and I wondered if I would like it ;-)


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