Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Just a little instant gratification...

Sunrise Crochet Shrug
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I saw the pattern for this cute little shrug on Ravelry yesterday (and it's Julie's fault... she was the one looking for a lace crochet shrug... not me). I thought the pattern was super cute, so I bought it. I had it done in less than 24 hours.

Frankly, not sure if I'll ever wear it (this falls into the category of my Shoalwater and my Landscape... loved making them. Have not worn either of them once.)

So let's do some project stats:

Pattern: Sunrise Crochet Shrug by Haley Waxberg
Yarn: Comfy by Knitpicks in Seafoam
Problems with the pattern: I was a little confused on the turns as I wasn't sure if the turning chain was included in the stitch count on dc rows, but I obviously got it. The pattern seems to be well written and it's very clever.
Changes to the pattern: I opted to add a little sleeve length (3 pattern repeats) to the sleeves, then left off the sc bands. I probably was one round short on the sc rows for the body rounds, but I was ready to finish it up.
Overall impressions: I think it's really cute. Maybe too cute for me (I might be past the age of shrugs... as I said to Julie you get to an age where they're no longer shrugs but rather bed jackets). I'm afraid I might be trying to look too young in it. However, I'm really pleased with it. I know the Comfy pills terribly (it pilled when I made a knitted swatch, and I know Sonya* was very disappointed with it), so I'm thinking a crochet project might help that a bit.

Well, it kept me from my other projects for a bit. I will say that Mermaid is still progressing nicely. I spent some time yesterday on weaving in ends, and I'm halfway done with that (yay!) and the second sleeve is better than halfway done.

Today I'm tackling the stash room. I got a few more storage cubes and want to clear out some old clothes and such to make more room for my yarn and finished sweaters.

*I'm trying really hard to not be freaked that Sonya and I seem to work simultaniously on the same thing... without knowing the other is working on it. She obviously has excellent taste!

Oh and speaking of excellent taste, knitalong3 asked me about the Doris Chan book that the Sambuca Cardigan came from. I have to say that the book uses mostly heavier yarns, which is not my favorite for crochet (I think crochet is heavy enough... it doesn't need the bulk of a bulky yarn). I would say that there's maybe two or three projects total in the book I would make. The Sambuca is one that I would make again... so it was definitely worth it for me.

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