Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'm Not Swearing Off Acrylics... but...

So I finally finished up the Cables & Rib Cardigan. Basically ended up having to finish it twice, as I needed to remove the sleeves and take 6" off (and remember how hard it was for me to finish up the knitting on those??? I then had to rip back a repeat and a half off each sleeve. Damn, I'm short).

Let's go over the project stats and look at some photos, eh?

Cables & Rib Cardigan by Jodi Lewanda
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Pattern: Cables & Rib Cardigan by Jodi Lewanda

Source: Nashau Handknits booklet "County Fair"

Yarn: Vanna's Choice in Dusty Blue

Changes to the pattern: a change in gauge (to make the 48" a 44"). Had to shorten sleeves by 6".

Problems with the pattern: the only thing is the yardage suggested in the pattern. The 48" size required 20 skeins at 136 yds (2720 yds) and I only used 1360 yds. To the point I'm wondering if the yarn they suggested was doubled? Considering the gauge, it might. No mention of that in the pattern, tho'. Just as an FYI: my yardage total includes the extra 6" I knit on both sleeves.

Overall impressions: I loooooove the pattern. The stitch is the kind I love to knit and I truely had a great experience knitting this. However, since I did substitute an acrylic yarn, I couldn't get the ribbing to block open at all so I have a very warm very snug fitting sweater that I probably won't be wearing much (remember I'm much bustier than my dressform). However, I'll happily call this a "swatch", as I did find out that I don't need nearly as much yarn as the pattern called for. This allows me to be on the lookout for a yarn choice that I'm going to love, as I think this one is worth finding the perfect yarn.

Cables & Rib Detail
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Krap Dressform Photo
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So I'm not sure what I'm going to concentrate on now. Probably Matt's Gedifra sweater, as I just love the way it's looking (and he's very very excited about it. That always helps). Unless I get distracted by something else?


  1. It's very pretty. The yardage called for does sound like an error; that's an awful lot of yardage. I would go for wool or washable wool with cables, too.

  2. Beautiful sweater! Your knitting is great! Enjoyed reading your blog today. KNIT ON!

  3. Anonymous7:12 AM

    I really think the sweater turned out just gorgeous! I like the cables in this one and I wonder if perhaps you could just wear it with a plain blouse or T and wear it open and not force the front to button. I am busty too now that I am older and I shy away from a lot of cabling in the front. I am chicken... heheh
    but I must say this pattern keeper for sure!


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