Friday, January 10, 2014

The 2nd Friday of the year...

... and this whole "Fix It Friday" thing is already annoying.

Of course the weather is nasty (dark dreary and very wintery) which means that casting on sounds so much better than trying to fix mistakes.

Suzy Too! is in pieces (mostly). The sleeve caps are ripped back. Now I have to seam it up again. Blah. The yarn is fairly dark (a mostly navy multi-colored) and while I have every light on in the family room, I still feel like I need a flashlight to see well enough (this might be a mental thing... it's really a dark and dreary morning).

I think as long as I do something/anything on it today, I'll be pleased. Then I'll reward myself with Matt's alpaca Corduroy (which I'm about to divide for sleeves!). Alpaca always makes me happy.

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  1. Even if you only work on it for a half-hour or so on "Fix-it Friday," I bet you will find that you finish it a lot sooner than you think you will. Sometimes, my projects get completely stalled simply because I never pick them up at all. If I work on them a little at a time, though, no matter how little I work on them, they get finished. Good luck.



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