Friday, January 17, 2014

A Fix It Friday Update

Just a quick update on the Suzy Too! hoodie. First let me say that I hate sewing crochet projects. I have no issue with knitted pieces, but I really really hate seaming up crochet.

However, the sleeves are sewn back in after I fixed the too large sleeve cap. The side seams are done as well.

All that needs to be done is the reverse sc around and a zipper.

The initial intention of this project was to make up a quick, easy, cheap project for around the house.

It is none of those things. I started this back in the summer of '12. I wanted to use up some acrylic stashed yarn, but I ended up having to track down more to finish it. The crocheting was fairly quick (apart from my complete lack of pattern reading skills. I had the same issues with the pattern I did the first time I made it), but I hit a lot of road blocks on the shaping as well as the finishing.

All I can say is that it is easy care. It will be nice to wear around the house. However, I gotta remember to stick to afghans when I crochet. I could've had a knitted sweater done by now!

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  1. It looks really nice! I typically stick to afghans when I crochet, too, for the reasons you gave. I also find that most crocheted sweaters aren't my style. However, I am impressed by yours. It is very classy and stylish. It looks like it was worth all you effort.

    As for crocheting afghans, I have recently gotten back I to doing so after a very long hiatus and am really enjoying making one called Granny Stipes (on Ravelry). It is great for using up extra yarn.


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