Monday, January 06, 2014

First Finished Project 0f 2014!

And it's for me! I have to admit it's been a while. Not only on a finished project for me, but one that I've been this happy with the results.

I will say that the knitting on this one got pretty tedious, so I would work on it in spurts. Just goes to show that working a little here and there does add up!

I did mess up somewhere, as my neck/raglan shaping didn't come out to have the same number of stitches as the pattern. I also completely ignored the directions for the shawl collar and just did my own thing. I must confess that I like my collar a bit better. At least for me. The more traditional collar suits me more than the big portrait type collar on the original pattern.

Let's do some stats!

Project Stats!

Pattern: Amanda by Lisa Lloyd from A Fine Fleece (finished project #8 from book)

Yarn: Knitpicks City Tweed HW in romance. (YUM!)

Problems with the pattern: my numbers and the patterns didn't match up, tho' I can't be certain this isn't a knitter issue and less a pattern issue.

Changes to the pattern: I lengthened the body a bit, did my own shaping for the shawl collar. The usual sleeve shortening (and they're still a bit long, but it seems to suit the style).

Overall impressions: I love it. It's warm, soft and snuggly. I like the way it fits me. I looove the color. The pattern stitch combined with the yarn give it a bit of a drape that it didn't need any shaping.

So that's one more off the list of projects from A Fine Fleece. Might have to cast an other on today, as I now have some empty size 9 needles....


  1. Pretty! I like it! 7 buttons looks good. Have you already begun project #2?

    1. Trying very hard to not cast on October Frost (again). Luckily, I can not decide what yarn I want to use (that City Tweed HW is very tempting tho')

    2. I am beginning Halcyon. Have you thought about knitting that one at all -- or maybe you have and I missed it in your FOs.

    3. It's still on my "to do" list (and for Matt... it's one he picked out). It's an other one I'm struggling what yarn I want to use (and since it's for Matt, I have a more limited selection, not only in yarn, but in color... or lack of color)

      I actually have all my A Fine Fleece projects tagged on Ravelry:
      (not sure the link will work. Seems I can't HTML code in the comments. hrumph.)

    4. Thanks. I will definitely check out all of them since I plan to knit at least a few more after Kearsarge and Halcyon. The one I really want to knit for myself is Fylingdales. I saw that you have made one, and it looks great.

      I have the same issue of being limited in terms of color range when knitting for my husband. I enjoy knitting for him, and he likes the things I make for him; however, he always wants everything in neutral colors. My daughter and son recently bought him a burgundy fleece pullover that looks awesome on him, so I might try to eventually convince him to let me make something in that color -- bring him out of his comfort zone a bit. The only problem is that color is in my comfort zone, so I am tired of it any way. :)

  2. I love that book and the cardigan you knit looks wonderful!

  3. Lovely sweater! The color is great, and I love your choice to use tweed yarn to give it a bit more interest. Your color modification looks very nice.

    I, too, have knit many of Lisa Lloyd's designs from A Fine Fleece. I was one of her test knitters for the book (the pink Espresso, the black Harriet, the cream St. Patrick, the purple Gaelic Mist, and one of the Road Not Taken scarves were the ones I text knit for the book) and have since been finding myself returning to the book often. I just finished the Trinity Vest and Ravensong and have started a Kearsarge for my husband (your version for your husband was inspiring to me). I have also swatched for Halcyon and plan to begin that soon. Her designs are great and the patterns are thoughtful and well-written. I highly recommend them as I am sure you do, too, since you have knitted so many wonderful versions of them. Check out my blog ( or my Ravelry page (suzknittyspinner) if you are interested in seeing any of FOs from A Fine Fleece.


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