Friday, January 03, 2014

2014: Fix It Fridays Are Back!

A couple of years ago I took one day a week to concentrate on fixing projects that had issues. Sometimes it was a simple just frog the project, but the idea was to take Fridays and either fix it or frog it.

I have globs of stalled projects* again, usually because there's some kind of issue that caused me to toss them aside while I worked on something more fun.

Well, it's time to crack that whip and get those projects back into shape! So I'm setting Fridays aside again to work on problems. Not exclusively, as I still want to work on my WIP's. Plus it's a nice reward!

First up is my Suzy Too! This is Melissa Leapman's crochet hoodie (officially named Suzanne). I wasn't happy with the way my sleeves went it (they're poofy) and I used a whip stitch for seaming ('cause I was impatient). Now I have to un-seam it, play with the sleeve cap and re-seam it with a mattress stitch. However, it's one step at a time. I'll just concentrate on picking out the seaming (and I think I'll probably take off the hood and re-do it as well...).

Hopefully I can move some UFO's to WIP's to FO's this year!

*I'm sure there's some deep rooted psychological issue here, but almost all the projects that are stalled are projects that are for me. I think I have a tendency of fixing issues with Matt's projects when they come up while I toss mine aside and start something new.

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  1. Recently, I took a Friday that I had off from work and dove into beginning to finish sweaters I had begun years before and never finished. Like you, it seems that I sometimes let my own items languish while working on finishing items for others. This time, I got a strong jump start from that day and ended up finishing three sweaters that were tucked away around the house in a matter of weeks. I wrote about them on my blog:

    Good luck sticking to your plan. The one you show here is beautiful, I look forward to seeing more! I have enjoyed your blog a lot over the years even though I just started commenting.


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