Monday, December 30, 2013

Year in Review: AKA Year of Matt

A quick review of my knitting projects for 2013. While I still didn't do the volume of some of my previous years (there were some quilting projects and some major video game playing), I did get more done than I anticipated. All of them for Matt. (I am only listing sweaters this year with no hats/purses/quilts).

I didn't get the first sweater completed until September. This was one that had been on the needles for a while and I just buckled down and finished it up. It is officially one of Matt's favorite finished sweaters to date:

Beau in Beaverslide's wool/mohair in Autumn Licorice

This is the 31st finished sweater I knit for Matt (hence the name). While this project started out as something completely different, this ended up being an excellent finished project that he's wearing quite a bit.

No. 31 (seamless hybrid) in Lion Brand Fisherman's wool
When I showed Matt this pattern, I assumed that he would want it in a solid heathered or tweed yarn, but he liked the look of the hand dyed yarn. Dyed my own with food coloring and got a neat looking sage/tan blend that took some work to even out the color bunching.

Whitfield Jacket in hand dyed Knitpicks Wool of the Andes Bulky

This was Matt's Christmas gift this year. We loved the Aspen Bark color and he really liked the pattern when I showed it to him. Had to play with the gauge and he's worn it every day since I finished it (with 2 days to spare). This will be knit again!

Brownstone in Beaverslide wool/mohair in Aspen Bark
So, considering that I didn't really start doing serious knitting until late summer, I was able to crank out four sweaters... 3 of them started and finished within that time. Matt likes all 4 projects (and I think he might be addicted to the Beaverslide yarn).

That concludes The Year Of Matt's Sweater Review. I wouldn't be surprised if 2014 is more of the same. I really enjoy knitting for Matt. While the man does not need more sweaters, I love knitting for him (more than knitting for me). There will be at least one more Brownstone knit!

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