Saturday, December 28, 2013


Lost track of the blog again! I was a bit busier than usual this holiday season, as we hosted my in-laws this year. I didn't even do my usual "Year In Review". However, I did get Matt his traditional holiday sweater.

Every year I seem to start a sweater for Matt near the end of November. I wasn't going to do that this year, as not only do I have globs of projects on the needles for him, but I also knew I had to do more prep than usual for getting the house ready for Christmas.

Then he saw Brownstone. I got the "oh, I really like that!" How can a girl resist that? Pattern downloaded, stash was dug thru and a decision was made. All on December 4 or so. We decided to use some Beaverslide Merino/Mohair blend... and away I went!

First sleeve knit up, but I found that while I was getting gauge, I didn't like the resulting fabric. It was a really tight knit, my hands hurt and Matt thought it would be too stiff for his taste. Well, I seem to be on a "let's knit three sleeves" kick anyway. I decided to just go up in needle size and follow the smallest size. That would require a lot less math (it is raglan sleeved, so that's really the only place I had to deal with the difference in gauge).

I can't say enough about how this pattern was written. The inclusion of the short rows on the back was brilliant, the directions are clear and include lots of stitch count checks (always appreciated for us counting/math challenged.

It took me approx. 18 days start to finish (and that's with 3 sleeves) to knit this baby up. I found some beautiful sea glass stone buttons on Etsy (found here) that work beautifully with the yarn.

This pattern will be knit again (and probably again). He loves it. Personally, I think it's a bit big on him, but he likes the roominess of it (and he loves the yarn). Wanna see it????

sleeves done, body started

sleeves attached!

Seaglass stone toggle buttons!
Done! (well, I did move the top button down after this photo was taken)
He's a fan!
So that's Brownstone in a nutshell! I did move the top button/toggle down a bit, which allows the shawl collar to sit a little better. I do think it's a little roomy on him (but he likes that. next one will be to gauge, so should have a better fit). Let's just say that we're both VERY happy with the yarn and the pattern!

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