Tuesday, December 03, 2013

How Now Brown Cowl

So my friend Julie and I had an other dyeing playdate. We plan on doing a KAL with some of our hand dyed yarns and so we had a testing playdate to try some things.

I did two small skeins (57g each) of a gradient in Wilton's Brown. Oh My! The brown broke beautifully. The starting brown is rich and eventually fades down to a soft sage green. My yarn base was in oatmeal and it was stunning.

I then wound them in with the opposite color gradations. I knew I wanted to stripe them. The initial intent was  do the Noro Striped scarf, but some quick math and we realized that the scarf wouldn't be long enough.

So let's do it as a cowl! I basically followed the same directions for the scarf. I used a long tail tubular cast on. I've tried  particular technique. Much easier than the way I've done the tubular in the past with the waste yarn. No picking out the waste yarn! This was so much easier. A simple 1X1rib, worked flat to avoid the jog. I didn't slip the edge stitches so I seam 1/2 stitch, making the seam less bulky. I really struggled with the tubular cast off. I spent hours watching videos, reading directions, studying diagrams before it hit me: I've done this before, but on two needles. Excellent! Took no time once I split the purl/knit stitches onto separate needles and just kitchener stitch them together!

The middle section does lose the striping (as expected), but the color is fab. It's also super high. Matt can wear it up over his ears and nose or or he can fold it down for extra warmth. Perfect for frigid morning dog walks! Using the tubular cast on and cast off make the ends very flexible and the 1x1 rib is so nice and stretchy! Oh ya, I'll be making more of these (probably a single skein of the gradient hand dyed yarn).

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  1. Your colors are lovely. I always enjoy seeing what you are working on since I always love the colors and patterns you choose.


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