Monday, November 04, 2013

How many times can I knit the same pattern?

Considering I have the attention span of a 4 year old (oooh look! Shiny! Yarn!) and struggle knitting two sleeves for a project since I have to do the same thing twice, it's amazing how many times I've knit The Ribby Cardi (and variations of it).

There's something about this pattern that makes it a "go to" project for me. The knitting is simple, yet not straight boring st. st. I like the fit. The raglan shaping makes finishing easy, and it's a fun two color project.

I've actually knit this 6 times (and there's a cotton/linen one in progress in the WIP closet). You would think I would have the pattern memorized by now!

This newest cardigan is a homage to the very first one I knit. Which Matt totally stole from me. I knit it Red Heart Tweed (now discontinued). It was a great yarn. Very tweedy. Soft. Great colors (I mean look at that green! I would love to find an other yarn in those colors!). It was so much loved that when I accidently shrunk it (probably best to not throw it in the dryer), I frogged it back and fixed it with a new zipper even. Matt wears it ALL the time.

So I was very excited when I saw that Red Heart put out an other tweed yarn (name "Super Tweed"). While I was mildly disappointed that it's not actually tweed, but a heather, I got over it very quickly as the colors are beautiful.

It's also soft and a non-squeaky acrylic. Time for me to make an other knock around the house cardigan for me (I'm naming it "Can't Clean Toilets in Cashmere"). I'm using Bayou Blue and Smokey. As you can see, from the first photo, it's moving quickly. I did have to upsize the pattern a bit, as I've gotten a little larger than the largest size.  Basically, I went up in gauge (and that's also thanks to the yarn. I couldn't get gauge with this yarn anyway).

While I'm working on other projects here and there, this one seems to have been bumped to the front of the line. Considering I haven't finished a project for me (minus one quick hat) since last June, I think it's time for some selfish knitting!


  1. There is always time for "selfish" knitting! Who appreciates our FOs more than ourselves? Now, in your case, it appears your hubby appreciates these awesome sweaters as much as you do! Both versions look great.


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