Friday, November 01, 2013

The Whitfield Jacket

The Whitfield Jacket is done and I think we're both very happy with it. It was fun to dye the yarn, then deal with the very distinct skeins as I knit it.

The stitch pattern was awesome (I'm a huge fan of broken rib, and this is a variation on that). Sewing on the pockets... not so fun. However, it was worth it, as I'm sure we'll be seeing Matt wear this on morning dog walks.

I will say it's heavy (a little over 2lbs heavy). The fit is perfect (with the exception of the too long sleeves. Most men's patterns are not written for 5'5" guys, and I only shortened the sleeves an inch. To do any more I would've had to adjust the increases on the pattern. I'll do that if I knit this for him again). Fortunately, he can just flip back the cuff and he's good to go! Which is great, as I did have to knit 3 sleeves for this baby!

Want some stats?

Project Stats:

Pattern: Whitfield Jacket by Anne Hanson of Knitspot

Yarn: Knitpicks Bare Peruvian Highland in Bulky hand dyed (by me) with Wilton food coloring

Problems with the pattern: none that I found

Changes to the pattern: I did reverse the stitch pattern so that I could knit the even rows rather than purl them. I missed the slipped stitch edge directions (worse pattern reader ever!), but didn't seem to have any impact.

Overall Impressions: Love it! Dyeing my own yarn, while challenging (the skeins were all very different and I was constantly switching out skeins: good thing I could spit splice!) made for an interesting knit. I never thought I would be knitting Matt a project with hand dyed yarn, especially with such a high contrast in colors, but he's gave the go ahead. The jacket pattern was well written, easy to follow and well designed (I think those were the easiest sewn in fitted sleeves ever). A definite thumbs up!



  1. The jacket is beyond lovely and your husband looks so happy and proud in it...wonderful!

  2. Gorgeous! Hand dyed yarn even... wow!!


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