Friday, October 25, 2013

Whitfield Jacket Update

The Whitfield Jacket is getting close to completion. The body and sleeves are done, leaving just the pockets and collar to knit.

I know the finishing is going to take a bit (what's with my current obsession with pockets?), but I'm thinking this is going to be done fairly soon (goal: end of the month?)

There will be globs of yarn leftover. There are 6 pockets (well, 4 pockets and 2 flaps) and the collar to go, and I have a partial of every skein (and one complete skein I never wound).

I'm not sure I'm going to use the yarn for seaming. I think I'll pullout some Cascade 220 for the seams to make them a little less bulky.

Matt has already requested a matching hat (he loves the pattern stitch. Can't blame him. It's awesome). I'll have more than enough to do a hat (especially since I have one full skein not even wound).

The love knitting this pattern stitch. I'm a big fan of broken rib, and this is very similar. Having to constantly switch out my hand dyed yarn also kept me inspired. Oh ya, I'll be knitting myself Jackie!

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