Thursday, September 19, 2013

Oh Ya... Reality.

I am very impatiently waiting for Matt's finished Beau to dry so I can get the buttons sewn on and do a photo shoot. This always makes me restless... and smug.

Ya know that feeling of "oh look a finished project! that wasn't so bad! let's get 5 more finished! Today!" So I start sorting thru my WIP's and look for something that is close to being finished so I can get that "finished project high" again!

Oh look, Amanda has the body and the sleeves done. That's just the yoke and the collar! There's no seaming, very little finishing! I'll have that done in no time!

So the sleeves are now attached to the body and I have these huge long rows to do. Uh. huh. Yep, this is going to take me longer than I expected. Oh and let's not forget the portrait collar that isn't just a few rows. That collar is probably going to be as much work as the yoke!

However, this is a must finish project for me: I love it! The yarn is so beautiful, not only to look at (great color!) but to touch. If this still fits, it'll be a great jacket this winter.

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