Friday, September 20, 2013


This is the first finished sweater of 2013. Better than halfway thru September. This is not going to be a productive year for finished projects, that's for sure!

This yarn has been on quite a journey. I used it to knit Matt his first Patrick. A lovely design. A horribly written pattern. Totally the wrong yarn for the pattern as well. However, the color was stunning and expensive. So I frogged the entire sweater. Not an easy job with this yarn.

The yarn is a two ply aran/chunky weight. It was soft to begin with and broke fairly easily when I was knitting Patrick. I also washed and blocked Patrick several times before I frogged it. To say that the yarn was "delicate" while frogging is an understatement. Re-knitting it was a definite challenge for me (as I am a "tugger"... especially going from a knit to a purl, which is fairly important in Beau). There were lots of yarn breakage during construction. The yarn has zero give either, making it like knitting with a cotton (so my hands would get sore fairly quickly).

However, the gauge was spot on for Beau and I thought the design would look fab on Matt. Ya, I was right! It's a very warm nicely fitting sweater that is in an Actual Color! There has already been discussions on how we can modify the pattern as a cardigan for him (in an easy care yarn).

Project Stats:

Pattern: Beau by Kim Hargreaves (pattern can be found in Rowan's Vintage Knits)

Yarn: Beaverslide Fisherman's Weight 2 ply

Problems with the pattern: nothing that I noted.

Changes to the pattern: I reversed the knit/purl ribbings on the front so they mirror the back rather than duplicate. The collar is much shorter than the pattern directions, and therefore I only used 3 buttons. I also used a st. st. selvedge stitch and seamed up only half a stitch making the seams much less bulky.

Overall impressions: this is going to be made again (and maybe again). It's a very flattering fit on Matt (I think it's great for the inverted triangle body type. Really shows off the broad shoulders and narrow waist). The yarn is a great color, and while it was challenging to knit the recycled yarn, I'll seriously considering using the Beaverslide to make an other one. We're both giving it a thumbs up.

Now let's see if I can get something else done before the end of the year.

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