Saturday, April 27, 2013

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So while I take a mini-break from my knitting (it's not like I'm not knitting at all, I'm just not concentrating on any specific project) I've been working on a new couch cover.

We've been using a crochet afghan to cover the couch in our family room (it's much easier to throw an afghan in the washing machine to get rid of the dog hair/stink than the actual couch). However, Gena is having issues with her toes getting caught in the afghan. She's now around 11 years old, so we obviously don't want her hurting herself.

The solution? A quilted couch cover.

The problem? I'm not much of a quilter.

I've been sewing my whole life, but quilting wasn't ever something that clicked with me. There's a precision involved that doesn't really suit my personality. However, I love playing with the colors and fabric. I've done small Project Linus quilts and I even have a queen size top that's partially quilted (started 16 years ago). It's not like I didn't have some fabric...

Well, I did have to get a little more fabric to finish it. I just used some 2-1/2" strips to make an easily pieced scrappy quilt. The piecing went quickly and I am now doing the actual quilting.

This is my first attempt at free motion quilting... and while there are things that I love about it, I find it physically grueling. Doesn't help that my cheap (but effective) sewing machine doesn't have an auto needle down option (so anytime I stop the machine I have to either hit a button or turn the wheel. Let's just say that I forget... a lot).

I will say that by now I should be better at it (I'm better than halfway with the quilting), but I'm not. For this project, it's no big deal, as it's more important  for it be sturdy than anything. That's why I'm doing such tight stitching). This is really just a practical/practice project.

I do have the next quilt planned (of course), but I'm going to dig out one of my other sewing machines to see if they work a little better for this type of project.

Wanna see a sneak preview? Of course you do! We read blogs to look at photos!!!

Why, yes it's for Matt...

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