Friday, May 10, 2013

Quick & Easy... ya, right!

The initial intention on this project was to do something quick and easy to cover the couch for the dogs. We had a crochet afghan on if for many years (ya, that's a very young Jake in the photo), but Gena kept catching her toes in the holes.

Solution? Let's throw together a quick scrappy quilt! From stash! No problem!

Let's just say that this project wasn't quite quick or easy. First, I had to order more fabric (there goes the "use stash"). I also have never done free motion quilting before (and very little quilting in general) and it was hard. Not just in technique, but in physical requirements.

However, the ending result is pretty much what I had intended. The quilting isn't going to win any blue ribbons, but the dogs don't care. It's bright, cheery, scrappy and machine washable.

Of course I could've just popped out to the store and bought a cheap washable cover. Ya, that's not how we roll in this house (why buy a cheap sweater when you can spend lots o' money on yarn then spend weeks knitting it? Looks like couch covers fall into the same category!)

There are a lot of things about quilting that I enjoy (mainly: fabric), but I am never going to be a super quality quilter. I don't have the patience for the precision, but isn't going to prevent me from doing more.

If you can't learn to do something well, learn to enjoy doing it badly. ― Bill James

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  1. It looks lovely. I love the quote. I'm glad you're not letting perfectionism ruin your enjoyment.


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