Monday, January 07, 2013

Sublime MCN

These socks have been mostly done for a bit, but the ends needed to be woven in. So now they're done (and keeping my toes nice and cozy).

The yarn is to die (dye?) for! It's a merino/cashmere/yarn from Fearless Fibers. Sadly, no longer dyeing... good thing I have a nice stash of her yarn! However, this was the only MCN I purchased before Deb closed up her Etsy shop. Colorway is called Sublime, one of my faves (and really really hard to photograph).

The pattern is an other of my favorite. A great looking pattern stitch for with these rainbow dyed yarns. 

Project Stats:

Pattern: Charade by Sandra Park (no relation, btw)

Yarn: Merino Cashmere Nylon Sock Yarn by Fearless Fibers

Problems with the pattern: one of my favorite sock patterns (yes, the gauge listed on the pattern is "meh"). Easy and clear.

Changes to the pattern: I knit them as written (yes, I even did a heel flap. I usually do an afterthought heel, but the color repeats on this yarn is so short that the flap didn't throw the colors out of wack).

Overall impressions: a lovely combination of luxury yarn with a simple, yet interesting sock pattern. Not sure how they'll wear (the nylon might help balance the cashmere content), but my feet are feeling very pampered (and toasty) with these babies on.

I spent some time this morning ripping back a bunch of started socks. Part of the problem with me and socks? I don't have a good feel for needle/gauge. Just don't have enough experience with knitting socks that I can't just grab a set of needles, cast on some stitches and go. Even with patterns, there is such a wide variety of what knitters use (I've seen the same yarn used by different knitters where one used a size 0 and the other used a size 3. For the same pattern. Now I just need to figure out where I fall in the gauge scale). So I'll do the good ol' try and error system for the next pair.

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