Thursday, February 07, 2013


Confession: I am lazy. This means that I am a bare minimum type girl. I barely swatch. I always look for steps that I can remove to get things done faster and easier. Sometimes this does come back to haunt me.

I admit that I usually just frog my yarn into balls and just reknit it. For the most part, this isn't usually a big deal for me (the uneven reknit sections usually block out). However, it's sort weird knitting with the crinkled yarn. The knitting doesn't usually look very nice. Sometimes that reknit section doesn't block out properly.

So I finally bought a niddy noddy. I am currently frogging my Ultra Alpaca Rhinebeck (see how crinkly the yarn is?). Hopefully after a bath the yarn will be as nice as it was before I knit an almost entire sweater with it.

(Editor's Note: this yarn will be made into something other than Rhinebeck, as I have recast that on in a cotton/wool/silk blend yarn. Just need to decide what this beautiful Ultra Alpaca will become?)

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  1. I vote for Mork!


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