Saturday, January 05, 2013

Welcome to the Sock Side

I've always said that I am not a sock knitter. There are many reasons I don't like knitting socks, but one of the main reasons? I never wore them (it's like shawls. I actually like knitting shawls, but I do not have the panache to pull off the look).

Of course there are several other reasons I don't like knitting them: I don't particularly like knitting with double pointed needles (however, I've tried all the other sock knitting techniques and I like them even less). Plus, I have to knit two of the Exact Same Thing (like sleeves. Not a fan).

However, it always comes back to me not finding them comfortable to wear. Well, that used to be the issue. It's already been a cold winter and I've been living in my small stash of hand knit socks. I've worn a pair every day until I ran out.

To be honest, I do like having socks that fit. I have short and wide feet (I wear a size 5.5W shoe) and women's socks are way too large for me. Girls socks are too narrow, so I buy boys athletic socks. Knitting my own I can get the fit I want, especially for around the house socks. My wide feet do make hand knit socks and shoes an issue, as they are usually thicker than commercial socks, adding even more width to my already wide feet. They work fine with my house shoes however, and keep my feet nice and warm!

So I just washed all my hand knit socks and realized that I need more! So 2013 might be the year of hand knit socks.

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