Sunday, December 02, 2012

Zip It!

The zipper is in! That's the first I've machine sewn a zipper into a hand knit sweater. While I've been sewing my entire life, I never felt comfortable using the machine on my hand knits. I always felt I had more control when I did them by hand.

Ya, well, let's throw that theory out the door. It was much faster (even tho' I had to rip out my first attempt) and it lays flat. The I-cord finish is exactly what I wanted.

So the finish line approaches. I have to do a little touch up on that I-cord (seems that I wasn't as careful on the ending spot as I thought and one side needs a few more rows).

I have one pocket done, a second started and a whole skein left. So breast pockets (maybe even with flaps?) and one pocket on one of the sleeve. Oh, and some ends to weave in, neckband tacked down and the final blocking. That's it! Woo-Hoo!!!

I think that I might keep with the attached I-cord concept and finish the top of the pockets (and least the main pockets) with that finish. I do hope that I can do flaps for the breast pockets and the one on the sleeve. Of course then I'll need to find buttons! Or just use snaps? Hmmm... so many choices. I think that's why I've loved this project so much.

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