Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Officially Ready To Be Done

Matt was kind enough to give me a few minutes to try to get a couple of in-progress photos of the Seamless Hybrid. Let's say that while I love the idea of all the pockets, I've hit the wall with this project and it's not going to happen.

The front patch pockets are different heights (and here I thought I was being careful, too). They were very annoying to sew on. Plus they are sitting too high on the jacket and need to be moved down (note to self: have him put the jacket on BEFORE you decide where to put the pockets). We've decided to scrap the "field jacket" style and just keep the little patch pocket on the sleeve.

So now there's not much left to do. A little more tacking down on the zipper. A few ends to weave in and the final blocking (which it desperately needs).

I most definitely am tired of this project at this point and ready for something different. So we'll shelf the pockets... for now. I still like the concept, and I do think this shirt yoke style is perfect for it. However, I'm leaning towards a heavier weight yarn and a roomier fit. Plus, who's to say that I can't go back and add the pockets later? 

So I'll rip the front pockets off, do the little bits of sewing left to do. Then it's heading to the bath and blocking board. I'm looking forward to seeing this jacket on him after it's been blocked.

Next project WILL have color!!!

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  1. Where's the "love" button? It's looking great!


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