Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Not Even December Yet?

Still plugging away on the Seamless Hybrid. Fixing the yoke didn't take very long and we did a quick test fit and adding the 2" before I started the saddles was the way to go.

I might not "get" the story problem style directions, but dang, this is a cool looking sweater. I will be knitting more in the technique, as it's such a flattering style on Matt. Especially now that I've worked out the best way for me to knit it.

So the yoke is done, I've added the collar and I'm currently doing the attached I-cord on the front openings. After some debate, I think this will work the best for the zipper that I'm hoping to use.

I have a tan sport zipper in stash that should work perfectly, but I want to cover as much of the big plastic teeth as possible. The attached I-cord is one of my favorite edge finishes. It's firm, attractive and fairly easy to do, if not exactly the quickest.

I'm not sure how many pockets I'll be adding. Extending the yoke an additional 2" did eat into the yarn a bit. I now have about a skein and a half. The I-cord shouldn't eat too much yarn and I should have enough to make front pockets at least.

At this point, I'm thrilled that I'm as ahead on deadline as I am (and I'm not even tired of working on it). While part of me got very annoyed trying to decipher the pattern, an other part of me feels that this has been a very positive project. I feel like I've hit a point in my knitting that even when I don't "get" the directions, I have enough experience that I can solve problems and get projects to fit. At least for Matt. Patterns? We don't need no stinking patterns!! (ya, that statement won't come back to bite me? Knitting always has a way of humbling us, eh?).

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