Friday, November 23, 2012

My Typical Black Friday: Frog!

Notice the lack of a shirt yoke on today's picture? Ya, that's because I had to frog down to the raglan shaping. I was happily knitting away on the collar and realized that something didn't seem right.

It wasn't. Matt did a quick slip on and the armhole depth was not nearly deep enough. Again, I should've measured an already existing well fitting sweater rather than go by the percentages given by "the pattern". I think that's the last part of "the pattern" that I actually used, so it's officially no longer that pattern. Everything I've used has not given me the right number or right fit (did I mention that the sleeves would've had a 13" circumference? That's too tight even for Matt).

So I'll add a few extra inches to the raglan shaping before I start the saddles. I still feel like it's going quickly, and that bodes well. I will say that I really like the way this fit Matt (apart from the ill fitting yoke thingy). It's a slim fit and I know he loves this yarn. So while I'm irritated with my results from "the pattern", I'm still very happy with the actual jacket.

Oh and it sure beats the whole Black Friday Frenzy out there. I'll be staying home and working on my hand knit Christmas gifts.

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