Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I gave up on the directions for the Seamless Hybrid Pullover With Shirt-Yoke Shoulder". I just don't get the directions. It's a bit like doing a story problem. Which, I sucked at. I can do math, if I have the formula, but not if I have to come up with it myself. For the life of me, I could not figure out where she got her "work for 44 rows" and there is no way that is a universal number that will work on every single sweater.

So this cardigan is now "inspired by the Seamless Hybrid Pullover With Shirt-Yoke Shoulder". I had to adjust some of her percentages anyway (if I had used her formula for sleeves, they would've been way too tight), so overall, I really ended up not using any of her directions (I even did my raglan decreases differently as well as the saddle sections).

However, I love the look of this shirt yoke shoulder thingy. I also feel a lot more confident about designing my own sweaters.  I like the process, and I can do basic math. Sometimes.

Meanwhile... the body is done. Now comes all the bells and whistles, and I have quite a few planned. I have a lot more yarn left than I expected and I am thrilled. My initial hope was to make a "field jacket" style cardigan with globs of pockets. I can now do that.  I plan on doing two breast pockets (with flaps?) and two huge front pockets. I'm also thinking of putting some pockets on the sleeves. Plus I have a little something planned for the back. The collar will be Matt's favorite: a fold over mock turtle neck style.

I still haven't quite decided how I want to do the front opening. Obviously, I'll be putting in a zipper, but I'm not sure how I want to finish the front. I could leave as is, do an attached I-cord or a row of single crochet. I'll think about that while I knit pockets.

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