Thursday, November 08, 2012

FYI: Sleeves are boring.

I have both sleeves done for Matt's Seamless Hybrid. Yay. Stockinette stitch in the round isn't exactly exciting. Doing it twice is always even less exciting (I keep hoping that single sleeved sweaters will become the rage!).

Cape Henlopen State Park beach
Since part of my challenge with this project is how much yarn it's going to use, I figured it was a good idea to get the sleeves done and out of the way. Now this project can not suffer from second sleeve syndrome (well, at least not anymore) and I have a better idea of how much yarn I have for the body. I used a little over 2 skeins on the sleeves, plus I had already used 2 skeins in the body. I'll finish the 3rd skein that I had to dip into to finish the sleeves, plus at least one more before I check body length. I would love it to be about 17" before I start the yoke, but I can live with 15". I really have no idea how much the yoke is going to use and I would rather have too much left over (I can make a longer collar or even add pockets. I can always pick up stitches at the bottom and add some length as well... the advantage of a crochet cast on!).

I did have to take a little mini break to make a new headband. Lost my ancient one while Matt & I were in Rehoboth Beach to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. (If anyone gets to Dogfish Head Brewpub, it should be there). It's just a simple fisherman's rib headband to keep my ears warm, and works up very quickly. The one I lost was done in Lion Brand Jiffy and the new one is in Elann's Sierra Aran. The Jiffy one was wider and tighter (probably didn't measure it well, I didn't need to make the new one 20" long), but it was a bit scratchy. I might do some stash digging and see if I have some bulkier yarn to do an other one.Since I didn't use the entire skein of the Sierra Aran, it takes less than 90 yds. Hmmm... sounds like a good project to splurge on something super special!

Sampling Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada brews on tap at Dogfish Head Brewpub
with knitting in hand
(and where I lost the hand knit headband)

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