Sunday, November 11, 2012

Even Science Can't Explain It

So I finished the third skein on the body for Matt's Seamless Hybrid... and I swear it's exactly the same length before I added that third skein. How does knitting fall into the black hole of the space time continuum like that?

I'm still plugging along, but I'm ready to start something else (or even work on anything else!), but I've become sorta obsessed with this project. The color is drab (will be nice for Matt, but so not very exciting), the pattern stitch is simple (and I am soooo glad that I didn't do this as! eeks, all that purling) and the yarn is thin (dk on size 6 needles). I keep thinking I'll take a break and work on something else (like the pink cabled sweater I'm making for me), but this is still the one I pick and work on. I am very ready to get to the interesting bits: the hybrid sleeve/shirt yoke section! One row at a time, one stitch at a time... I'll get there!

Just 5 more inches to go! Of course then I'll bitch about how long the rows are after the sleeves are attached to the body. Knitting is like that.

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