Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hybrid Theory

Matt's Seamless Hybrid is moving along... so much so that I'm already in panic mode about yarn quantity. I already have 2 skeins in the body and I'll probably want an other 2. Thinking that body length was sort of key for how much yarn I was going to use, I decided to go ahead and start the sleeves.

So far the math hasn't been too bad (apart from my initial cast on and the realization that I was a wee bit  off...like 5" too big off), the percentages have been sort of straight forward. I did have to make the sleeves wider than her percentage gave (not sure if that's due to knitting for a man or if it's Matt's body type. Cyclists might be known for their large thighs, but seems that the biceps are pretty well developed as well). All I did was add an extra 2" to my increases and away I go! Looks like both sleeves will take a little more than 2 skeins.

Can I say that I love this yarn (oh wait, I think I've said that every time I've used it!). This is actually the first I've used the DK weight, and the light weight fabric is great! The garter rib stitch is perfect for the tweedy yarn, and of course the st. st. those flecks just pop.

I'm thrilled with the way this is going so far... we'll see how it goes when I hit the hybrid sleeve shaping (as I'm working this sweater flat, I'll be doing some shaping on the "wrong" side. Always fun!!)

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