Thursday, October 25, 2012

Smartest Project EVER!!

Choosing the next project is always a winding path of yarn, patterns and ideas. I usually start with something in mind (either a pattern I've been wanting to knit or a yarn in my stash that I want to use).

Then the tangents come. Okay, here's the pattern I want to make, now let's decide what yarn I want to use. Oh, this is nice yarn, but doesn't work with that pattern. What pattern can I use for that yarn. Oh I like that pattern, but I'll need a different yarn... and the cycle goes on and on and I end up casting on something completely different than I had originally intended.

Well, almost completely different. It is for Matt. It is a zippered  cardigan (his preference) and I'm even using Elizabeth Zimmermann's Seamless Hybrid "pattern".

While browsing thru Ravelry (the best and worst thing to ever happen to short attention span knitters), I stumbled across a version of the seamless hybrid with a shirt yoke cardigan. Exactly what I had in mind. The knitter had done a textured stitch on the body, then done the sleeves/yoke/saddles in st. st. Perfect!

The big drawback is that EZ patterns are written in "chatty" format (so I've got to hunt thru her text and go back and forth between pages to get directions) and I've got to do my own math. I am not good at math. At all. Even with a calculator, I get the wrong answer.

However, I've swatched, measured, did the math, cast on, figured out my math was wrong (part of my issue with math is that I have "number" issues. I have a tendency for switching the order of numbers- don't ever ask me for a phone number. It will be wrong), frogged first attempt, re-did the math, recast on... and away I go.

I'm using some Queensland Kathmandu DK in a very Matt color: it's a light tan with an orange undertone. I decided to do a garter rib stitch*, as it's fast, easy, lays flat, plus it has the same gauge as st. st... which will be key when I get to the yoke/shoulder area. It also is not as boring as doing straight st. st.

I will confess that I need to get back to one of my projects... get me some color!!!

*I love garter rib: it's a simple stitch (row 1: knit, row 2: k1, p1) that is attractive, easy to do. Oh and it lays flat! Perfect!!

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