Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The Insanity Project?

Since it's fall, and this is a house of afghans, I decided to crochet an other Babette. Instead of finishing one of the other afghans that I have started.
Babette in Vanna's Choice Baby

The other Babette I made was a joint project with my friend Julie that we then donated to Relay for Life.

So it was half the work.

I'm doing this one on my own, and while it gives me the advantage of sewing as I go (since we were doing half the blocks, we wanted to make sure our blocks were spread through out the afghan), it's a lot of crochet.

I'm not following the pattern for colors (I'm only using 8 colors) and it's going to be frickin' huge (pattern is for fingering weight and a size E hook. I'm using aran weight and a size I hook).

The colors are very happy (as they should be, the yarn is Vanna's Choice Baby) and I really like the way the yarn crochets up. It's perfect afghan yarn.

The first 6 section went very quickly, but each section is larger and trying to balance colors takes a bit more concentration. The last two sections are going to be like doing an afghan all by themselves, as there are a lot of smaller squares in them (meaning more sewing and more tails).

Babette in happy colors!
 However, it will be worth it in the end, as those colors will be so nice and cheery on cold dark winter days ahead.

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  1. Pretty! That yarn is on sale at AC Moore this week. ;)


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