Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fashion Diva!

Just a steel town girl on a Saturday night
Our dog Gena has developed some allergies, causing her to chew on her fur. Of course she now has some hot spots that we are treating, but we also have to keep her from getting to those spots.

Being the fashion diva that she is, she turned her nose up at the Cone of Shame and went with the Flashdance torn tee shirt look.

However, in true Diva fashion, that's grown old. Time for a hand knit sweater, right?

Dug around the stash and found some lovely old Woolease (one of the "Bonus Bundles"... anyone even remember when they stopped producing those?) in a beautiful rose heather.

Pattern is the funnel neck ribbed sweater from Dogs in Knits. Simple so far... and I have to say I'm actually sort of jealous. I don't normally like Woolease at this gauge, but this is quite lovely (and the fabric is really squishy). I do draw the line at matching sweaters tho'.

I will have to do something to strap it around her back legs to keep her from chewing, but I'll probably just do some detachable straps.

Hopefully, it won't be too warm for her and more comfortable than the cut up tee shirt.

Funnel Neck Ribbed Dog Sweater
I'm hoping this doesn't take very long to make up (Gena is not a huge dog at about 55 lbs, but knitting always takes longer than I expect) as I've got globs of other projects around my knitting nest that need my attention.

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