Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Study in Inefficiency

So who thought knitting Gena a sweater was a good idea (well, obviously I did). Of course I could have sewn up a custom tee in a few hours.

Instead I'm on day 3 (or is it 4... I've lost track) on her funnel neck ribbed sweater and I'm still on the body. I'm tired of knitting it (mainly as I see shiny new projects that I want to work on... even some shiny old projects, that's how distracted I am). I probably have an other 3-5" of body before I start the hip shaping (which is what I need it for).

I do think she's going to like it. She seems very comfortable in her not so comfortable cut up tee. Gena is now 10 years old (approx) and we think the sweater will help her keep her joints warm (especially the hips... and that might be why she was chewing on them).

So I'm still plugging away, but my Ravelry queue is getting longer and longer as I browse while I knit.

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