Friday, October 12, 2012

A Fix It Friday Failure

I know I was being overly optimistic on tea dyeing Matt's St. Patrick pullover. I just really didn't want to lose the beautiful heather color of the yarn. I was hoping that by tea dyeing (really staining) that I could even out the color variation without having to use toxic dyes (I am not set up for that level of dyeing. I've always used food grade dyes, so I didn't have to worry about using my kitchen equipment).

So I brewed a huge pot of strong tea (and yes, Matt was concerned about the store brand tea bags... until I told him that they were not for drinking). I soaked the sweater in water first, then dunked it into the vat, letting it sit for a while. Maybe not enough?

Rinsed, spin cycled in the washer (to removed excess water), laid out to dry. Ya, didn't work. The color banding is still very noticeable.

So either I try to over dye it with some Wilton food coloring or I've got to go buy a dye pot and some toxic dyes. I think we'll go greener (thinking of a nice rich forest green). Of course the color banding doesn't bother Matt at all, but then he's not the one who actually looks at it while he's wearing it.

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