Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fix It Friday... Late and Early

I'm a little behind on Fix It Friday (ya, as tomorrow is an other Fix It Friday!). However, this Fix It project is taking me long enough that it's going to be a carry over anyway.

The project is my Tatamy Tweed Summer Braids. It had two issues.

First up: The button bands were wonky.

It's a major pet peeve of mine, I hate to see rippled button bands. They look sloppy and not "professional". Part of the issue is the garter stitch (which is VERY stretchy) and then the sweater went and shrunk up a bit on me, making it worse.

So I removed the bands and I've spent all week trying to get a good ratio on the pick up row, a sturdy tight gauge, and appropriate button spacing (which requires math!). I ended up going down two needle sizes and got the button band nice and firm. I'm currently doing the button band, which is much easier (same number of picked up stitches and no buttonholes!).

So it basically took me all week just to do the buttonhole band, and I still have to fix the sleeves!

I was never happy with the sleeves. They're a little wider than I like, then when it shrunk up a bit, they're also now a little short. Just not a comfortable wear. So I'll rip back to about the elbow, do a faster decrease and add to the length.

There are a lot of things I like about this project, but I wasn't wearing it, so it was time to get these issues fixed. It just seems that even fixing this one has been a challenge! Hopefully, I'll have a new project for next Fix It Friday!

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