Friday, April 20, 2012

Frog You Fix It Friday!

I'm working on something new! Ya, the Fix It Friday worked... for a bit. My knitting mojo is still a bit on the back burner (between the Kindle and Mass Effect 3, knitting has been scarce in general). However, I've been feeling a little more "knittery", so I've been working on a few things here and there.

I have globs of projects that are boring st. st., which is great, but a little tedious. It's perfect for cut scenes/load screens while playing my video games. (ya, I still miss those long elevator rides from the first Mass Effect. I was able to get a lot of knitting done riding around in elevators). However, complex isn't cutting it either. So what's a knitter to do?

Go back to the comfort zone:

Cotton Ease, Cables and Cardigan!
Easily memorized cables, lots of moss stitch, and a project I've knit twice before. The first one was done in a tweedy wool (serious gauge issues makes it not exactly wearable, but it was an early project and I was proud of it at the time). The second in a beautiful (green, of course) alpaca. I wear it all the time. So of course I need a Cotton Ease version in white (yes, I know! It's NOT green? Really?).

The pattern is from an old Paton's booklet called "Canadian Living" and calls for the long discontinued Paton's Ballybrae. The Cotton Ease at this gauge is very firm, and I'm guessing this cardigan is going to be fairly warm for a summer cardigan. However, I'm loving the fabric and the way the cables are looking.

I will say that I'm not a fan of knitting with white yarn. There's NO room for sloppy stitches. For some reason any loose gauge areas can really stand out (especially that tricky "post cable purl" stitch). I'm fairly pleased with this one, and it's progressing smoothly (so far.... eeks, that's it. I'll be frogging something before the end of the day, eh?). The left front is at the neck line shaping, so time to dust off the actual directions and maybe even read them!

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