Friday, December 16, 2011

Shortest Year in Review Ever!

That time of year again! Time to look back at all my finished projects and give updates and final thoughts. I usually spread this over several posts, keeping to just 4 projects a day. (hey, remember that one year that my goal was to finish 24 projects? ya, let's not review that, as some of those projects were not successful).

This year, it's a one and done year in review. While it feels like I knit more this year, I definitely have shifted from "get it done" to "get it right". A lot of frogging, more focus on quality and I don't have a lot of finished projects to show for it. (I will have one more project finished by the end of the year: Matt's Christmas project is well on target to be done by Christmas).

The first finished project of the year didn't come until June! Eeeks (okay, we'll also blame some home construction and Dragon Age 2).

Anyway, first  up: Harriet!

I'm very pleased with this project (tho' I will say the black yarn is a wee bit difficult to get a good photo of! I can't do this sweater justice). The yarn is lovely and it's a very comfortable sweater. I've worn it several times, so it's definitely a success!

Next up is Hey Addiction! (yep, the 4th project off the Hey Teach pattern):

I spent a lot of time fine tuning this pattern to get the perfect fit. There are still some things I would like to fit a bit better (I have very narrow shoulders and an extreme bust line, which can be a challenge to get the right fit, especially for set in sleeves).

I am very happy with the project, but I confess: I haven't worn it. Not for lack of wanting, just haven't really needed it. I wanted this more for over air conditioned settings, as it's not real warm or real cool. I'm sure it will get wear this coming spring when I need that light cover up.

So we'll call it a thumbs up, but the proof is always in the wearing and since I haven't worn it yet, I'm a bit reluctant to give a final grade.

Meanwhile, I also finished an absolutely wonderful project for Matt: Aspinwall Revisited:

I have to say that this was a huge time suck, especially since I did the bottom section of half brioche stitch twice (and the stitch itself is a huge time suck: 10 rounds equal 1 inch). It was soooo worth it, as Matt has been wearing this a lot so far this winter.

I love the colors, the cream flecks are wonderful and the yarn (which is a single ply, so yes, it's going to pill) is very soft.

He loves it and so we both are giving this a Huge Thumbs Up. Maybe even one of the best projects ever.

Even with having knit this pattern twice now, I would knit him an other in a heartbeat. We both love it that much.

Next up: The Sampler Block Cardigan:

This is my kind of project, and a delight to knit. I still have to do some tweaking on it (the sleeves are a smidge too long and I don't like my closure), but I have been wearing it quite a bit.

I'll probably knit this sweater again, with a couple of changes. I think my next version will be in easy care yarn. I'll also probably do a V neck rather than the lapels. Maybe go down a size (I made this "roomy" and it might be a little too much so). It's a great around the house sweater and was fun to knit, so definitely a success.

The albatross project for the past year was the Polar Bear Chullo.

Matt had been wanting a chullo for sometime, and while browsing patterns, the Polar Bear Chullo appeared. So cute and he loved it. The drawback? I suck at fair isle. After several false starts, and a lot of procrastination, I finally got it done as an anniversary gift.

He loves it (and I think he's been wearing it this winter for the dogs' morning walk). Again, proof is in the wearing, so it looks like this project is a success.

I, however, will never knit it again.

So that's it! All finished projects of 2011 (with one still to finish). All successes, which is nice. There were a lot of projects that were ripped back. Quite a few projects have been started (and I'm willing to bet that there will be a few finished projects finished early 2012, as I have about 3 projects that are nearing completion). However, Mass Effect 3 will be out in March, and the knitting will come to a screeching halt at that point. Unless they bring back the long elevator load screens.

So off to work on Matt's Christmas project! Only the right front to finish up, and I hope to be blocking this weekend!


  1. A good year even if short. I have Hey Teach on needles now and the other sweaters in my que. I also have narrow shoulders and curvy bust. I am forever reworking patterns to fit me.

  2. So lovely! It's fun to see all the projects in one post.


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