Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Block Party!

Matt's Christmas cardigan is progressing... and only one day behind. It's currently blocking, so I'm just killing time waiting for it to dry.

The yarn (Berroco's Blackstone Tweed) is wonderfully soft and tweedy. However, it doesn't spit splice that well. I assumed that the wool/mohair/angora blend would splice beautifully, but the yarn is almost felted from the spinning, so it took a little extra friction to splice. It also took me longer to soak because of it, as the yarn doesn't absorb water that well. Matt's going to love it! It did bloom a bit in soaking, as expected, and it's just beautiful.

I did have one minor set back. As usual, I skimmed the pattern, made an assumption, and screwed up the front ribbings. Had to rip back the left front and rework it. This put me a bit behind, but I should have no problem finishing this in time (she says cockily... ya, that won't come back to bite me, right?)

So I basically have the day free to work on something else. Or maybe vacuum?

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  1. Very handsome! Looks like a fun one to knit, too.


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