Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Accidently becoming a tradition

I don't make gifts (with the exception of baby gifts). I get stressed by the dead lines and I've had some ungrateful reactions over the years. It's best to just buy gifts so I can concentrate on my own projects.

Matt is the only person I knit for other than myself (apart from a friend or two that knit, and therefore appreciate the cost and time put into a hand knit project). I don't knit Matt surprises either. I'm not going to put the hours into a project that he doesn't like, and therefore won't wear.

So that means I can blog about his Christmas sweater! This has sort of become a tradition, and not delibrately. For some reason I seem to start a project for him Thanksgiving weekend (or there about) and strive to have it done by Christmas (or at least by the new year).

My intentions this year was to finish his St. Patrick sweater, which is better than halfway done (the back and one sleeve is done. I'm just about done with the second sleeve, leaving only the front to do). However, after the Black Friday frog fest (which was totally successful, btw), I was just browsing patterns to use the City Tweed HW for. Matt loved the yarn so I was looking at potential patterns, and he gave a thumbs up to the Cambridge Jacket. Then he gave a thumbs down on the City Tweed HW (it's the blood red color, and not to his taste). No problem. I have a stash.

I dug out some Blackstone Tweed in a lovely charcoal, and got the double thumbs up (who wouldn't? I mean, wool, mohair, and angora! sweeet). I love this yarn! It's cranking out pretty quickly, as I have the back done and one sleeve finished. I'm working on the second sleeve now and I've ordered the zipper.

Hmmm... maybe I'll even have it done in time for my year in review (coming soon!!!)

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