Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Year in Review

Well, 2010 is winding down, and I need to get the year in review in before 2011.

The last couple of years my YIR has taken me several days to get thru all my finished projects. Uh... not this year (unless I include Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age, as that is what I spent most of the year doing).

I did start the year with a bang:

Matt's Baueresque Pullover. Probably one of our favorite finished sweaters. Matt loves it and I'm thrilled with the finished project. The project was based on a sweater Matt saw in an Eddie Bauer catalogue. There were a couple of other color combos... don't be surprised if there is an other.

Things slowed down quite a bit after that (did I mention Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age?), but I found that a crochet sampler afghan makes a great cut scene project:

This A-Z Sampler Afghan worked up much more quickly than I expected, used up some stash yarn and is a personal favorite.

Next up was a fun and fast little cardi for me:

Radiate in Adara. Love this yarn and I'm fairly happy with the finished project. My only issue is that the neckline feels a little wonky. It's hard to keep in place. In retrospect, I would do some short rows to give a little neck shaping. Still very happy with it, and it's a nice little cardigan.

More quick crochet:

The Sunny Shoulder Bag was a great project to do, especially with the self striping cotton yarn. Still haven't lined the bag (and I have perfect fabric) and I want to shorten the strap just a bit, but this was a great project.

This is an other favorite pattern:

The Sampler Pullover done in a bright cheery red has already gotten a lot of use this winter. The boxy shape might not be stylish, but boy is it comfy.

The Year of Crochet continues:

The October Vest was actually quite a challenge for me, and it really did try to tell me to not to finish it. I plugged away anyway, and while it was a complete disaster for Matt (the Bartlett yarn is a very natural wool and he can't stand the smell, plus it's way too big for him), it ended up in my closet. I've worn it several times and like it. I'm not a huge vest wearer (my arms get cold, not my core), I think it's pretty stylin'.

Yet an other Ribby:

The TLC Ribby went thru several style changes before I ended up with the mock turtleneck. I'm very happy with this one. Comfy and easy care.

Yet an other crochet afghan!

The Cottage Throw was not only a delight to crochet, but it's one of my favorite finished afghans. Color, yarn, stitch pattern. I snuggle under this every morning with my breakfast knitting and cup of coffee.

Never too many Chicknits patterns:

The Mondo Cable Pullover will become a staple pattern for me. I already have two more planned for this pattern. The Brooks Farm yarn knit up beautifully and even tho' I still haven't blocked it, I've worn it many times (can't stop wearing it enough to take the time to block it!)

So in summery, while it was a light year for finished projects (there are two afghans missing from the list: a smaller version of the A-Z Sampler and a mitered square afghan that went to Project Linus, but I didn't have decent photos or project stats to link to), I will say that what I did complete was sucessful. Lots of projects were started and frogged... as a matter of fact I think this was the year of frogging. I'll also admit that not a single goal that I made last year was accomplished. Oh well... they're more like "guidelines" anyway.

So what's in store for 2011? Well...hmmm... Dragon Age II is coming out March 8th.


  1. Anonymous1:09 PM

    WOW! You accomplished some GREAT projects in 2010.....looking forward to see what 2011 has in store for you!

  2. Kristi1:53 PM

    Beautiful projects!


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