Thursday, December 16, 2010

Like I Don't Have Other Things To Do...

Let's face it. I like knitting cables. A lot. So while I'm avoiding doing projects that I don't love (for someone I do love), I cast on a new project.

I got some Beaverslide worsted during the Thanksgiving/Black Friday sale. I love Beaverslide yarns. So soft and yummy. While Matt's Patrick was a disaster, it wasn't the yarns fault (nope, I'm blaming The Worst Written Pattern Ever and some poor decisions on my part).

So, even tho' Patrick was a disaster, I'm staying in theme and cast on St. Patrick from the book A Fine Fleece in the new Beaverslide. I love it. It feels soooo good to be doing a traditional cabled project in yummy yarn. The cables are just complex enough that I do have to track the charts (so unlike Staghorn, don't expect this one done in 16 days).

Meanwhile, I haven't touched the chullo in about 2 weeks, but I am on a second glove (first is seen in photo). At least he should get new gloves for Christmas... and maybe a St. Patrick sweater for St. Patrick's day.

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  1. You and me both, sister! I LOVE CABLES. I don't even remember that pattern in the book. I was smitten with October Frost but heard there were lots of errors in it. I've not heard of Beaverslide either and will most definitely be checking that yarn out...especially since I see how yummy yours looks!


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