Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Fallout: New Vegas is a little... buggy. Okay, it's super buggy with lots of crashes and weird happenings. I lost about 4 hours of game play due to a corrupted file save, so I'm now rebooting often (and anytime the load screens start to take too long to load). I'm well over 80 hours of saved game play (not including crashes and corrupted files). It's been a decent game, but very frustrating (for obvious reasons).

So, while my Xbox takes a little rest, I thought I would do a quickie blog post. I'm still slowly plugging along on the TLC Cotton Plus Ribby Pullover (man, that's a mouthful! TLC-CP-RP? hmmm, not much better). I'm really glad I decided to frog the yoke back and do a mock 2X2 ribbed neck. Much more my taste, and I know I'll get a lot of wear from it once it's done.

Those first couple of rows of yoke are always tight on the circular needles, but after about 8 rows, I'm in a good rhythm. Hopefully I can get it done during the World Series.

Meanwhile, I'm still looking for inspiration. I'm finding lots of projects on Ravelry that I love, and I've even pulled out some yarn/needles and cast on a project or two, but I can't quite find that passion for a project. I feel a bit like I'm slugging thru projects rather than enjoying them. I know that magic project is out there, so I'll keep looking (and swatching/casting on) until I find it! I mean, I'm not even BUYING yarn (what's up with that??? think I've actually hit max. capacity?).

In the meantime, the Xbox is ready for a reboot, the coffee cup is refilled and I'm ready to head back to the Mojave Wasteland!

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